Indigenous Peoples Hospital

  Maharlika Highway, Ozanam Village, Banganan, Aritao, Nueva Viscaya, Philippines
  0905 8201 474
  IPapostolate Dioceseofbayombong


Sr. Mercilyn Jabel, SPC

Hospital Administrator


Heeding God’s call and the response of the Diocese of Bayombong to the health care needs of the community especially the marginalized. We envision IPH as a Christocentric, innovative and responsible healthcare organization united in and committed to providing holistic quality healthcare services.

Core Strategy

"Evangelizing through IPH Healthcare"


We commit ourselves to:

  1. Faithfully proclaim God’s values through life’s witnessing and compassionate care.
  2. Uphold bioethical principles and the teachings of the Catholic Church.
  3. Develop integral growth of healthcare givers.
  4. Create and pursue innovative healthcare services in partnership with other organizations for viability.
  5. Assure that Christian stewardship and good governance are practiced.

11 years of service since August 28, 2012

Services Offered

Owned & Administered


Bed Capacity

  • Clinical Laboratory (Secondary)
  • Pharmacy
  • Diagnostic X-ray Services
  • Ambulance Service Provider


Historical Background

The idea of putting up a hospital especially for the indigenous and marginalized peoples became stronger after series of consultations with the IPs and the outcome of the program of IPA the Health, Nutrition and Responsible Parenthood as well as a response to the call of the Diocesan Integrated Pastoral Plan and the two Diocesan Synods which emphasizes its dedication and commitment to the mission of providing the very basic service health service to our IP brothers and sisters considering that health is very important in the life of a person. Given the geographical condition of the province, a lot of them live and survive in poor conditions. It is then imperative for them to have access to basic health care, access to medicines and efficient attention and proper caring from doctors and other medical health workers. Health is basic human rights of every individual regardless of economic status or identity.

Prior to its conceptualization, aside from the health program implemented by the Indigenous People’s Apostolate, the Most Rev. Ramon D. Villena, DD, regularly conducts medical and dental mission once a year to all IP communities within the Diocese during their scheduled patronal fiesta. The response of the IP community to such missions conducted is very encouraging and noteworthy as the entire community participates in these annual activities. After all, it comes to them once a year, for FREE!

On January 30, 2004, the Indigenous Peoples Hospital of the Diocese of Bayombong had its groundbreaking ceremony at the Ozanam Village, Barangay Banganan, Aritao, Nueva Vizcaya. Immediately after the groundbreaking, construction/renovation of the first phase of the hospital compound started. The Most Reverend Ramon Villena, DD mentioned that the rite “is the first step of a journey of a thousand steps or more … towards the realization of a grand dream of the IPA”. He further stressed the importance of the project since the IPs comprises the majority of the population of the Diocese. Since majority of them are poor, it is no surprise that most of them are denied access to basic health care despite the fact that government hospitals in the locality are doing their best to help the poor. The bishop further noted that one of the IP hospital’s main features is that its management shall be run by IPs themselves. This is a medical institution where the patients shall feel most at home since the caregivers shall be composed of people who are their own and who understand their plight and needs.

The first phase, the proposed Administrative Office and Pharmacy, where the Indigenous People’s Apostolate temporarily holds office and the Doctors’ quarter were completed on April 15, 2004. It was on this date that 15 Physicians who belongs to different Indigenous tribes signed their commitment of support to the hospital project.

On September 29, 2004 the St. Francis Healthcare Campus (formerly St. Francis Medical Center) announced its formal acceptance and approval of “sisterhood relationship” to the IPH project. Mr. David Nelson and Ms. Ann Trebesch represented SFHC both administrative officers and Fr. Jerome B. Pastores, IPA Director during that time and Fr. Tony Kroll the partner of the Diocese of Bayombong for its hospital project in Minnesota represented the Indigenous People’s Hospital. The exchange of pictures of the two hospitals as a gesture of acceptance and dedication to the relationship high lightened that event.

On October 31, 2005 the second phase of hospital the proposed Out – Patient Department (OPD) was completed. On November 30, 2005 the IPH partner in Minnesota, U.S.A. Fr Kroll together with the main donor of the OPD construction visited the hospital.

On April 17, 2006, the Bishop appointed Fr. Enrique G. Tiongson as the new Director of IPA. Being new director, he prioritized the processing of permits and licenses of the hospital. On July 24, 2007, DOH issued permit to construct a general secondary hospital. This also followed by other permits and papers needed in compliance with legal processes of building a hospital. On January 18, 2008, the IPH got its ECC from the DENR. The construction resumes for the third phase the proposed Medical- Pediatric Wards, Operating and Delivery Room and private rooms.

Taking into consideration the sustainability of the future operation of the hospital, the Indigenous People’s Hospital Foundation Inc. is conceptualize and organize on June 2008. On September 25, 2008 the first meeting of the Board of Incorporators was held and approved the programs of the IPHFDBI. On November 2008, the IPH Foundation of the Diocese of Bayombong, Inc, was registered at the Securities and Exchange Commission.

January 23, 2010 – Blessing of the Out- Patient Building. St. Francis Healthcare Campus with the CHI came. Commitment of support of Catholic Health Initiatives (CHI) was expressed and formal acceptance of Sister Relationship (from St. Francis Healthcare Campus to all the CHIs).

August 2011 – Arrival of SPC as administrator of the IPH operation (MOA with the Diocese)

June 1, 2011 – Arrival of Sr. Cecille Asuncion Cabahug and Sr. Pricille Lapuz at St. Paul Hospital Tuguegarao where they stayed temporarily while IPH cloister is not yet ready for occupancy.

August 6, 2011 – Date of transfer by the three Sisters namely: Sr. Cecille Asuncion Cabahug, the Local Superior; Sr. Norma Patricia Manzano, the Hospital Administrator and Sr. Pricille Lapuz, the IPH Finance Officer.

August 28, 2011 - Installation of Sr. Cecille Asuncion Cabahug. And formal acceptance of the Diocese of Bayombong to the SPC

December 31, 2011 – Completion of Power Supply Facilities

May 18, 2012 - opening of OPD ( Through a Medical Mission). First Doctor and initial Employees were the products of the SAGIP program of the Apostolate)

Linkages with CHI / MEDSHARE

June 2012 – Received the first shipment of donation from CHI – medical supplies and equipments for the operation of IPH

September 17,2014 – Received the 2nd Shipment of donation from CHI thru Medshare

November 9,2016 – Received the 3rd Shipment of donation from CHI thru Medshare

February 2013 – opening of Inpatient services

April 30, 2015 – Appointment of the new IPA Director and C.E.O. of IPH Foundation, Fr. Silverado D. Ablaza.

December 31, 2015 – Completion of the Operating Room and Delivery Room facilities/ Equipment and instruments (Received the last tranche of DOH grants)

May 2016 – Retirement of Bishop Ramon B. Villena. Most Rev. Sofronio A. Bancud assigned as Apostolic Administrator of the Diocese of Bayombong.

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