SPCHCM Human Resource Assembly

Jul-23-2018 to Jul-25-2018

THEME: "Culturing Culture in People Engagement and Management"
VENUE: Pere Louis Chauvet Function Hall, Perpetual Succour Hospital, Cebu City

SPCHCM Committee on Holistic Formation and Culture Building has organized an assembly for Heads/Coordinators of the Human Resource department of our respective Hospitals. It aims to address current and urgent concerns/issues, to establish an avenue for sharing of ideas, practices, and interventions for a unity of purpose and direction, even as individual hospitals in the ministry.

Registration Fee: Php 3500 per participant

Registration: July 22, 2018 at 4PM


Sr. Hazel Tabada, SPC

     Email Add: tabadahazel@gmail.com

     CP# 0921 841 2243

Ms. Marie Joy Paquedan – Admin.Secretary of Saint Paul Hospital Tuguegarao

     Email Add: sphtuguegarao@yahoo.com.ph

     CP# 0977 839 7905


1. To gain a comprehensive knowledge of the Human Resource Functions and its Challenges.
2. To be able to understand, and implement governing Guidelines on Employment and Working Conditions of healthcare personnel in Private Health Care Industry, and the Principles in Handling Employee’s Discipline.
3.To ensure a common knowledge and understanding of Performance and Talent Management, focusing on Performance Appraisal, Monitoring and Improvement, and Career Development Plan and Succession Planning respectively and how these will be functional and utilized as customized in the different hospital setting, and
4. To establish an open line of communication and harmonious relationship among HR Heads and Coordinators so that some, if not all, applicable HR systems be created and unified among hospitals, and will be opportunities for networking and sharing of resources.